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Pranic Wellness Retreat

Come and join us for a three-day Pranic Wellness Retreats for PPT graduates. Three full days of physical, emotional and spiritual healing in the stunningly beautiful Moravian countryside.

We will start our days with yoga and mediation. We will learn new Pranic Healing techniques and enjoy local health food. In the afternoons there will be plenty of time for healing, massage or aromatherapy. In the evenings we will study ancient spiritual teachings and have fun around the campfire, play music and enjoy one another’s company.

Dates: 11 July6 PM – 14 July 4 PM, 2019
Venue: Centrum Slunakov, Olomouc, Czech Republic

The packages offer different types of accommodation. The day program and all meals are included and identical.

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Pranic Healing

Master Choa Kok Sui’s Pranic Healing is a highly developed form of healing with life energy or prana. It is safe and very effective, as many many people have experienced already. Pranic Healing is easy and fun to learn, and you will be amazed what you can do for your friends and relative even after the basic course. offers Pranic Healing courses in several Central European countries, mostly in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Our advanced courses are in English, so why not combine a trip to beautiful Prague with an Advanced Pranic Healing course?

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Arhatic Yoga practical

Dear Friends,

We are very happy to welcome you all to Prague for the Arhatic Yoga Prep course by Master Hector Ramos on 13 and 14 October. Here are the practical and logistic details.

  • The course venue is Centrum Loreto, Štorchova 1555/5, 180 00 Praha 8 – Libeň.,14.4620875,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x470b94aba9914325:0xc0c2e376c9283505!8m2!3d50.1042199!4d14.4642815
  • The closest metro station is Palmovka, the closest tram stop LIbensky most, for lines 1,2,6,7, 11 and 14.
  • The course starts at 9AM sharp and ends around 6PM. Please come at 8:30 AM, so that we can start in time.
  • There is an introductory lecture on Friday evening 10 October at 7PM, also in Centrum Loreto.
  • Please bring slippers, a sweater, something to drink and small snacks if you want. We will arrange for a course manual and other materials.
  • You can join us for an Indian buffet lunch for 200CZK (8€) per day per person. Please let us know by email if you will join (if you did not yet do so)
  • If you haven’t done that yet, pleas send in your registration and questionnaire. You can pay by bank wire or in cash on the spot.
  • Registration is here.
  • And the questionnaire is here.

In case you have any questions or need some assistance, please let us know. We are looking forward to meeting you all for this amazing spiritual adventure called Arhatic Yoga.

Keshen, Zuzana, Martijn

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dōTerra Pranic Healing Collection

dōTerra®Pranic Healing©Collection is a kit of four CPTG® essential oil blends, conscientiously developed to support many aspects of your MCKS Pranic Healing©practice. They are all made from high-quality dōTerra essential oils in close cooperation with essential oil experts Vlaďa Horecký and Lenka Marková from Barevný svět.

The Twin Hearts Meditation Blend contains predominantly violet, pink and golden energies. Its warm, uplifting citrus fragrance helps to re-experience loving, happy memories. A hint of frankincense and rose will help to establish a deeper connection to the inner source of Divine Love.
The Prosperity Blend will infuse your aura and chakras with abundance and empowerment. It strengthens your connection to Mother Earth. Its citrus and spicy, liquorish-like aroma is complemented with lots of red and gold prana.
The Super Brain Blend will bring you focus, clarity and vision. It contains lots of red, yellow, violet and gold. A touch of cinnamon will help balancing your lower and higher creative chakras. The coconut base harmonizes and nurtures the brain.
The refreshing herbal fragrance of our Cleansing Spray Blend contains purifying green, orange and violet pranas. It will instantly provide you with a sense of spaciousness, signifying that the energies around you are being cleansed thoroughly.

Directions for use:

  • Put a few drops of Cleansing Spray Blend in alcohol spray and use it when healing or massaging.
  • Rub a single drop of Twin Hearts, Prosperity or Super Brain on your wrist in the morning to enhance your energy for the entire day. Or use them internally with dōTerra veggie caps.
  • Apply Twin Hearts Blend to your heart and crown before meditation.
  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight after using Twin Hearts, Prosperity and Super Brain Blend.
  • Avoid using Twin Hearts and Super Brain blends during pregnancy and on babies.
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Prana & essential oils workshop

Master Choa Kok Sui’s teachings on prana or life energy can enhance your works with essential oils from doTerra and other brands, which contain natural quantities of prana. An experienced Pranic Healing instructor will introduce you to the main concepts of life energy and its role in physical and psychological healing during this one-day experience -focused workshop.


Contents of the workshop:

  • foundations of life energy and energetic healing
  • the human energy system, aura and chakras
  • how to sense energy and use it when working with essential oils
  • different pranas and their effects
  • physical and psychological healing
  • spiritual development and materialization

In the workshop we use the Family Essential and Emotional Aromatherapy Kits from doTerra, but the insights can easily be transferred to other brands. This unique workshop was developed in close cooperation with Vladislav Horecký and Lenka Marková, two of the main essential oil experts in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and the Baltic states.

The workshop can also be tailored for (Advanced) Pranic Healers, based on their existing knowledge of Pranic Healing.

The workshop is open for everyone aged 16 or up. Registration through the web store, or request a proprosal for an on-site workshop for your group via info (at) pranafysica (dot) com.

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I want to do Arhatic Yoga

Arhatic Yoga is a highly developed system of spiritual practice, which will tremendously accelerate your personal and spiritual growth. Advanced meditation techniques will activate the kundalini and highly increase your energy. This will help cleanse your different aura layers (etheric, emotional, mental), but can also temporarily disturb old balances and possibly cause Kundalini syndrome. Participating in an Arhatic Yoga Prep workshop requires a certain amount of psychological stability, sufficient good karma to easily overcome potential complications, good health and a healthy life style.

For safety reasons, all candidate will be scanned by a senior instructor. The scan results are decisive whether the candidate can join the Arhatic Yoga Prep workshop, or whether s/he should receive more healing, build up more karma or change some aspects of life style.

We kindly request all candidates to submit the form below. Please tick “Arhatic Yoga”  and enter “Prep”  for level. Please send the signed form to info (at)  Without an approved form and positive scanning results, then for safety reasons, it is not possible to join the seminars.

AY Application Form EN