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Consults and coaching

It is hard to overestimate the scope of Pranic Healing. There are numerous tried-and-tested treatments for a huge range of physical and psychological ailments. An experienced Pranic Healing practitioner is capable of detecting and harmonizing many energetic imbalances.

At Panafysica, we offer both short and long consults. A proper intake is the first step, explaining how and why Pranic Healing works and what is to be expected from a session. Some ailments react nearly instantly, serious or chronic issues in may cases require several treatments. In which case it is recommendable to learn Pranic Healing yourself!

In addition to such health issues, Pranic Healing knowledge can also be applied in a wide range of other situation. Do you want to feel happier, improve your self-understanding and relations with other? Any issues related to your home, your job, your finances and happiness that need clarifying? Do certain places maken you feel uncomfortable? The Pranic Healing approach may give you that one new insight to improve your life.

And also when you’re a Pranic Healing graduate yourself, you’re welcome for consulting, coaching and personal training. As an experienced healer and licensed Basic and Advanced Pranic Healing instructor, I can help you to get the most out of the courses and books.

Futhermore, my cooperation with experienced aromatherapists from Prague has brought me valuable insights how essential oils work to support your healing and spiritual practice from a Pranic Healing pespective. Top brand doTerra provide a wide range of single oils and blends and moreover, I can always make you a personalized blend!

But just to make sure:

  • Pranic Healing is not intended as an alternative to western medicine, but as a complement. If symptoms persist always consult a medical doctor and a reputable Pranic Healer.
  • Pranic Healers are not medical doctors. Medical doctors can learn Pranic Healing though.
  • Pranic Healers do not make medical diagnoses.
  • Pranic Healers do not interfere with medical treatments and/or medically prescribed drugs.