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I want to do Arhatic Yoga

Arhatic Yoga is a highly developed system of spiritual practice, which will tremendously accelerate your personal and spiritual growth. Advanced meditation techniques will activate the kundalini and highly increase your energy. This will help cleanse your different aura layers (etheric, emotional, mental), but can also temporarily disturb old balances and possibly cause Kundalini syndrome. Participating in an Arhatic Yoga Prep workshop requires a certain amount of psychological stability, sufficient good karma to easily overcome potential complications, good health and a healthy life style.

For safety reasons, all candidates will be scanned by a senior instructor. The scan results are decisive whether the candidate can join the Arhatic Yoga Prep workshop, or whether s/he should receive more healing, build up more karma or change some aspects of life style.

We kindly request all candidates to submit the form below. Please tick “Arhatic Yoga”  and enter “Prep”  for level. Please send the signed form to info (at)  Without an approved form and positive scanning results, then for safety reasons, it is not possible to join the seminars.

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