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Prana & Aromatherapy workshop

Pranic Healing ™, Master Choa Kok Sui’s teachings on life energy, the human energy system and energy healing, can provide you with a compelling new perspective on essential oils and aromatherapy. Even though Master Choa did not publicly teach aromatherapy himself, his books provides several clues as to the how and why of essential oils, aromatherapy and other natural healing modalities.

This unique workshop was developed in close cooperation with Vladislav Horecký and Lenka Marková, two of the main essential oil experts in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and the Baltic states.

Module 1:  Basics of prana, energy healing & essential oils

  • Pranic energy and the principles of energetic healing
  • Sources of life energy in nature and essential oils
  • How to sense life energy yourself and to do energetic diagnosis
  • The human energy system and the major chakras
  • Healing with essential oils: the ATI/NSD approach and the Pranic Healing approach
  • Color pranas and how they relate to healing properties of essential oils

Module 2:  Essential oils, emotional healing and spiritual development

  • Psychological & spiritual functions of the chakras
  • How emotions and attachments work on the energetic level
  • How essential oils can help you grow psychologically and spiritually
  • The importance of forgiveness: because you deserve peace
  • Twin Hearts Meditation: let your chakras guide your emotional well-being
  • Materialization: develop your higher will and do good!

The workshop can also be tailored for (Advanced) Pranic Healers, based on their existing knowledge of Pranic Healing.

The workshop is open for everyone aged 16 or up. Registration through the web store, or request a proprosal for an on-site workshop for your group via info (at) pranafysica (dot) com.