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Prana & essential oils workshop

Master Choa Kok Sui’s teachings on prana or life energy can enhance your works with essential oils from doTerra and other brands, which contain natural quantities of prana. An experienced Pranic Healing instructor will introduce you to the main concepts of life energy and its role in physical and psychological healing during this one-day experience -focused workshop.


Contents of the workshop:

  • foundations of life energy and energetic healing
  • the human energy system, aura and chakras
  • how to sense energy and use it when working with essential oils
  • different pranas and their effects
  • physical and psychological healing
  • spiritual development and materialization

In the workshop we use the Family Essential and Emotional Aromatherapy Kits from doTerra, but the insights can easily be transferred to other brands. This unique workshop was developed in close cooperation with Vladislav Horecký and Lenka Marková, two of the main essential oil experts in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and the Baltic states.

The workshop can also be tailored for (Advanced) Pranic Healers, based on their existing knowledge of Pranic Healing.

The workshop is open for everyone aged 16 or up. Registration through the web store, or request a proprosal for an on-site workshop for your group via info (at) pranafysica (dot) com.